About Me

Hi, my name is Thanh,

I am a software developer as well as a mom of my kid.

I love coding, sharing and reading.

Nice to meet all of you.

My short story

Several years ago, I was a person who has no dream or vision in the future. I was a big fan of One Piece, a Japanese anime.

From this inspired, I tried on learning graphic design and Japanese. In 2014 spring, I became a designer internship in QGS(QUp now).

While in QGS, I realized that I was good at the computer than the pen drawing. I saw the reality of the tech world. It gave me first views on this field.

After completing the internship, I decided to challenge myself in the field named Business Analyst(this also help me finish the last project for the graduate to university – my major is Information Technology).

I also realized that coding was not bored as I imagine. I talked to some developers and see it will become my strength when I had a degree in this field. So, I decided to change my point and start on it again.

I began learning HTML/CSS and applied for an internship somewhere though they all rejected me because of no experience.

A piece of luck was coming when I have an interview with Trung.Ngo(CEO of AgilityIO). I didn’t put much expectation on it because I knew I didn’t have enough skill for this position. I just thought that it was a great chance to talk to experts in my field.

Luckily, I passed, become a developer. 

From that moment, I completed focus on working, spend all day and night on working. From a frontend developer to backend developer. From single to married and have children. My journey continues both life and career.

I become an addicted person in this world: technologies, applications, websites, problems, even bugs. They challenge my abilities every day at work.
In late 2019, I started my website about life and techniques. It is https://beautyoncode.com/

Look back on my journey. I realize I am going in the right direction.
I used to wish about a job where I could make money as well as helping people.
I am working on this dream.

Nice words for me

There are many projects I have joined. I’d love to save all of kind words which from my customers, my colleagues, my leaders, my mentees, …

My another home is STEAM for VietNam where I  met a lot of amazing people and did my dream job.

Always appreciate all its. 

It put to me a lot of motivations to go forward!

Thank you!

My client

My co-workers

My readers


Thanks for your support!

Èo, lỗi gì đó rồi!

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